UMNO’s Looming Existential Threats

UMNO’s Looming Existential Threats

Something big is in the making, namely the deregistration of UMNO by ROS, and it is forecasted to take place in June. Some would posit that it would be no bother for them as they would have Barisan Nasional to fall back on. But will they?

This will be nothing less than a crisis of epic proportion designed to trigger a grand reshuffling of the entire Malay political landscape. This potential outcome is lent more credence when MCA and MIC are recently seen also smooching cheek to cheek with power players of PN.

For weeks, rumours of MCA, MIC, PBRS leaving BARISAN Nasional to join PN have been filling the dark alleys where political operators roam. With BN only consisting 4 parties as of now, if UMNO becomes the sole remaining party, BN will be deregistered. This will render UMNO MPs and leaders homeless.

MCA and MIC have a great deal more to gain with PN, Bersatu and Muhyiddin as they are the ones holding the purse strings. Apart from the tens of millions that have already started to trickle down to MCA and MIC players, it’s incredibly difficult or their spineless leaders to bite the hand that feeds them regardless of comradeship or principles. To them, the price for loyalty is non other than money and power. Six decades of partnership and friendship is to them, irrelevant.

This might also explain why the last few BN Supreme Council meetings were aborted last minute, as it is believed that MCA and MIC chose not to show up. Much like how couples choose to avoid meeting at all cost leading up to a hostile and violent breakup.

Muhyiddin’s game now is to decapitate umno by ensuring the court cluster is eliminated first, and then enact UMNO’s seizure by ceasure. With UMNO ceasing to exist with no fall back, and UMNO’S key allies deserting them, Muhyiddin and Bersatu will seize and absorb all enemy combatants, namely UMNO MPs.

This would be the grand PERPADUAN Ummah, that many from MN and PN worked towards. Only, with UMNO being the collateral damage that will be ingested and digested from within.

Leading up to and after Muhyiddin’s announcement to deregister UMNO will look like a mad scramble and a looting spree of ‘homeless’ UMNO MPs. But it would seem that the ‘pre-launch sale’ is already in full swing.

The fishing expedition sponsored by Muhyiddin and his band of bandits with the slogan of ‘join us if you want to stay in one piece, or stay put and be destroyed’ is no longer a secret. UMNO and PH MPs alike have been subjected to this for the last year or so, even before Langkah Sheraton. Seems UMNO today is being force-fed the bitter cyanide pills that once upon a time, they themselves fed to their political opponents.

Being part of the worst government the nation has ever witnessed, not being at the top of the table, parliamentary democracy and the federal constitution suspended, having a president and key warlords either inevitably facing criminal convictions or have sold out to traitors, UMNO is truly under siege from all sides amidst a barrage of unprecedented challenges.

UMNO is being devoured from both inside and out. Those who they consider as partners in government are battering them into smithereens, those who have been their allied subordinates for decades are deserting them, and those whom they have conditioned their members and supporters to treat with nothing less than absolute enmity have no choice but to continue reciprocating.

Seems UMNO is facing its darkest moments in history, right here right now. UMNO is about to have a taste of the kind of treacherous betrayal that HARAPAN experienced, but the endgame that has been put into play is nothing less than UMNO’s total annihilation.

I once said, that I wouldn’t wish that kind of traitorous endgame even on my worst enemy. Yes, they deserve it. Yes, they brought it on themselves. But I can say for the first time ever, I can empathise with UMNO on their prospective plight.

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