Make a Better Malaysia

As global citizens whose roots and allegiance are with Malaysia, we all have a calling and responsibility to contribute. It is only through our concerted and collective actions that this place we call home will be able to bend the arc of progress towards a better tomorrow. Only better Malaysians will be able to make a better Malaysia.

Help your Constituency

Constituency can mean many things; people who share the same plight, workers of the same profession, residents of the same community, or simply supporters of the same cause. Whichever definition you subscribe to, we believe that you should be organsied at the local and communal level. Pasir Pinji needs you, your expertise, and your desire to contribute whatever that contribution maybe.

DAPSY: Join the Crowd

Be part of a global movement that has over a century’s history and struggles for freedom, justice, solidarity and democracy. DAPSY, as part of IUSY has been at the forefront of campaigns, solidarity actions and discourse building at the communal, national and global level. Joining DAPSY is not just about a sense of belonging to a political struggle, but also the participation of a global agenda to make the world a better place- one engagement at a time, one discussion at a time, one campaign at a time.

People of the Earth

The world is a huge place, full of differences, contradictions, and borders and barriers; but it is also filled with beauty, intrigue, excitement and endless opportuntities to learn more. Technology, modern mobility, and the inherent nature of humans being social creatures make our desires to constantly know and understand more, increasingly easier and accessible. Whether you wish to know more about Malaysia, or you want Malaysians to know more about your culture and community through exchanges are varying forms, we are here to help. We strongly believe in Internationalisation through action.

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FEPS ANNUAL AUTUMN CONFERENCE as part of the #FightersForDemocracy project.

Was honoured to be invited by FEPS to give an online speech to the FEPS ANNUAL AUTUMN CONFERENCE as part of the #FightersForDemocracy project. Was truly honoured and humbled to be placed to speak alongside former President of the European Parliament, former Vice President of the European Commission and the former Prime Minster of Greece….


Dakwaan Pandora Papers: Ibarat Menconteng Arang Ke Wajah Kedaulatan Negara

Pihak Berkuasa Perlu Bersama Rakyat dan Siasat   Pemuda Pakatan Harapan serta rakan rakan kepimpinan sayap Pemuda dan parti parti seperjuangan telah membuat laporan polis supaya siasatan dipercepat ke atas dakwaan Pandora Papers yang mendedahkan pelbagai aktiviti kewangan luar pesisir dalam usaha menyembunyikan aset yang berjumlah berbilion-bilion ringgit. Pengaliran wang Malaysia ke luar negara secara…


It is the PM who needs an olive branch from PH

To speak of the prospective understanding between the government and opposition as an olive branch extended by the prime minister, is both inaccurate and disingenuous. It is akin to equating a sick patient extending an olive branch to the doctor who has offered to treat. It is no secret that forces of disenchantment and sentiments…


Have any thoughts and ideas? Contact me directly.

Have any thoughts and ideas? Contact me directly.